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Local Problems Inspire Global Solutions

Many waste streams from industrial and agricultural production in developing countries are being left completely underutilised and ultimately create substantial ongoing problems from the inevitable pollution they leave behind.

Working in conjunction with our International collaborators, the development team at C3 is now beginning to identify a wider variety of useable organic wastes which are ideally suited for biological processing at local level and then converted into higher value chemical products for the global marketplace.  Research on downstream waste processing technology being carried out at National levels by academics and industrialists in developing countries can now be significantly enhanced with the support of the cutting-edge biological engineering techniques being pioneered here in the UK by C3 Biotechnologies Ltd.

Our recent Waste to Wealth project in India which is being co-sponsored with support from the BBSRC, Innovate UK and the Newton Bhabha fund, is a prime example of how effective collaboration between established academic and industrial partners in emerging economies coupled with the benefit of cutting-edge scientific research from the United Kingdom,  can create effective solutions to global problems.  This initial project which has been set up to develop industrial processes to create high value chemicals from paper mill waste is already providing solutions for the treatment of previously unusable materials.

In addition, the close collaborative academic ties which have been formed, are now leading to the further identification of many more waste streams which are potential targets for generating a wide variety of valuable chemical products using the Engineered Biological Pathways from C3’s portfolio of patented microbial processes.

We are constantly working to develop new metabolic pathways and organisms which have important roles to play in turning problematic, low value waste streams into high value chemical materials using natural biological processes.  These techniques avoid using existing expensive and ‘dirty’ conventional chemical engineering processes,  thus generating significant added value to the economic prosperity of a nation while at the same time reducing the impact of industrial wastes upon the global environment.

C3 BioTechnologies Ltd is building an ever-increasing portfolio of bacterial strains which can be further evolved to work with a wide variety of organic matter thus providing solutions to waste management problems and at the same time generating valuable revenues for the economy.

C3 Biotechnologies: Driven by Science, Inspired by Nature.