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Field Trials Update

The latest field trials of C3’s biological production technologies have demonstrated that scaling up from  laboratory test facilities to larger volume, in-­the-field, operations is now possible in simple reactors.

Field trials have established that C3’s proprietary bacterial strains work effectively at scale. The biology is robust and production methods are resilient to the relatively harsh and variable process conditions found outside of the laboratory environment.

Production routes to a brand-new family of C3 and C4 biological and non-fossil fuel gases have been created using C3’s latest technology.  These ‘drop-in’ gases benefit from the use of existing LPG (liquified petroleum gas) supply and distribution chains without need for further modification.

C3’s 5th Generation Technology (5GT) generates renewable biological hydrocarbon gases. These are low carbon and clean replacements for the propane, butane and isobutane gases derived from fossil fuels.  C3 is continuing to improve the mechanical process engineering to optimise production of its biological hydrocarbon gases. The company expects to see medium-scale waste digestion plants in operation during the Spring/Summer of 2019.