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C3 Biotechnologies and its investors are committed to the development and commercialisation of an economically-sustainable manufacturing process for the full-scale production of bio-propane and are driving chemicals/natural products production towards ‘green’ and more sustainable manufacturing processes.

The chemical industry is undergoing a major transformation as a consequence of unstable energy costs, limited natural resources and climate change.  Efforts to find cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy are a priority to complement currently used petroleum-derived products.  The long term aim is to transition from a petroleum-based industry to a renewable resource-based industry.


C3 Biotechnologies Ltd was established in August 2015 to commercialise the manufacture of bio-propane from cutting edge research developed at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology based at the University of Manchester.  In 2016 we expanded our portfolio to develop proprietary microbial strains to make high-value chemicals with large addressable markets, especially in the flavours and fragrances industry.

The company is spearheaded by Professor Nigel Scrutton, Director of the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology based at The University of Manchester, and Mr Michael Smith, Director of PressureTech Transport Services Ltd, a specialist regional supplier of LPG (liquid petroleum gas).