C3 Bio-Technologies

Driven by Science, Inspired by Nature

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Paving the way to a Carbon Zero Future

At C3 Bio-Technologies we are engineering biology and developing platform technologies to support the commercialisation of new products and processes that are sustainable, economical, and environmentally friendly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and commercialise products and processes that will convert waste and raw materials into products that are economically viable and environmentally compatible contributing to the global energy challenge.

Our Vision

  • To create bio based, cost-effective renewables without adversely impacting food security, the natural environment and land use.
  • Drive chemicals and natural products production towards ‘green’ and more sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • Enable new volumes of bio-propane to be introduced to the market without significant change or investment from both local suppliers and consumers.

Sustainable industrial development and innovation … doing more with less